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Looking for a yoga teacher? Join the mind-body-spirit evolution!

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It all starts by connecting breath to movement. Inhale, expand...exhale, contract. Gradually, your mind and body become in sync as you practice mindful movement. Strength and flexibility inevitably follow as practice becomes regular. When distractions of the mind are reduced, life energy builds. 

Thai Yoga Massage


Thai Yoga Massage uses limb manipulation, stretching and energy line palpation techniques to facilitate deep relaxation and relief. A session will typically begin laying face up, and then you'll be pressed, folded, rolled, and stretched into various reclined and seated positions in a rhythmic and relaxing flow.

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Get off your asana and into the world! 

Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga, SUP Yoga, Yoga Hiking, Yoga Dance, Kirtan Singing, Mandala Artwork, Yoga Festivals, Wild Woman Project, Ayurveda Wellness, Yoga Birthing, Blessingway Ceremonies, Yoga Reading List, videos, and more. Make your life your yoga practice!

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