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Yoga gave me a brighter life... 

After working with my design degree on the East coast for several years, I found myself miserably sick and depleted, body, mind and soul. Stress led to depression and anxiety that were dissolving me alive. The breaking point came during a long drive from Ohio to Boston when my GI specialist was on the phone demanding that I find an emergency room as I screamed in pain. Within two weeks, I had two procedures and an MRI to determine the severity of the internal damage. The impact of stress was destroying my body. 

Body and mind are one.

I was at a cross road - continue down this path of misery OR enter the unknown. But..."WHO AM I, if not a designer??" Terrified, I quit my job and faced uncertainty, unemployment and judgment from those who doubted my choice. All I knew for sure was that I couldn't stay in misery because I was too afraid to leave.

I am not my roles. 

I started the daunting journey asking, "Who am I really? What do I want from life?" I started taking yoga as a way to get out of bed in the morning while soul searching. Stress melted into stillness...slowly I became acquainted with myself again. Instead of heavy medications, I started meditation with regular yoga and acupuncture and watched as my body-mind adjusted back to equilibrium. I felt the body's deep wisdom and ability to self heal when given the right conditions. There is great power in these practices and I wanted to tell everyone!

Yoga is self union that brings health.

After a year of study, dedicated practice, and extensive 'yoga walk-abouts' with amazing teachers in many studios and disciplines on the East Coast, I left for yoga training. Living in high vibrational Montezuma, Costa Rica, I focused on asana, meditation, philosophy, and Thai Yoga Massage. I came back glowing in health, stronger than ever and equipped to guide. Now, after years of teaching, I've had truly powerful experiences with students of all backgrounds and goals.

Personal evolution is my passion.

Radiant health and blissful peace are possible when you know the way. Let's find yours. It'll be fun!




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